Why to Have Your Windows Tinted?

tinted window

The Benefits of Booking a Window Tinting Service with JM Tint

Window tinting is a process in which the glass is altered in order to reduce the passage of light or band of radiation. A window tinting service can be performed in two ways: adding a chemical compound to the glass during manufacturing or by applying a window tint. Most vehicles don’t come with tinted windows simply because it’s a matter of taste in which car companies try to remain neutral so they can have a wider range of services. So if you want your window tinted, there’s only one solution left – a company such as JM Tint, of Columbus OH.

Window Tinting is a Service Which Comes with Many Benefits :

Car Window Tint:

  • offers skin protection;
  • accident prevention;
  • prevention from injury in case of an accident;
  • prevents overheating;
  • improves privacy;
  • protects the interior from sunlight damage.

Building Window Tint:

  • rejects 80% of the sun’s heat, keeping the building cooler in the summer;
  • reduces fading of carpets, furniture and fabrics;
  • reduces glare to minimize headache & eyestrain discomfort;
  • helps hold shattered glass intact to improve building safety and security.

Whether you’re looking to improve the overall beauty of your vehicle or you want to protect your furniture inside your home from sunlight, book our window tinting service at (614) 900-8292!